Stamford Data Science Initiative

User interface design built for the Stamford Data Science Initiative

About this project


Ideation, Visuals, Prototyping

Tools Used

HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Figma, Adobe Illustrator


Responsive Website

Date Completed

June 2021, in progress

The Stamford Data Science Initiative is a partnership between UConn, CTNext, and StamfordNext. Their objective is to enhance the existing entrepreneurial and research ecosystem around data science. In order to reach more people interested in entrepreneurship and research, their goal was to launch a fully responsive website with their content.

Working with the Digital Experience Group, I was able to lead UI design and development and launch the website in an agile approach.

Stamford Data Science Initiative homepage interactive animation

Design Process

Branding was provided to the Digital Experience Group by a brand designer from the Stamford Data Science Initiative. I was responsible for incorporating their branding into the new UI design. I used the branding to craft four high fidelity prototypes each with a different look and feel. Of these four, the SDSI team decided on the light design which is currently live.

Branding for the Stamford Data Science Initiative
Branding for the Stamford Data Science Initiative

During the design process, it was noted by the SDSI team that the site were to be modern and cutting edge. As a part of UConn, this would distinguish them from many other organizations under the institution, which was their goal.

Development Process

After the UI had been finalized for the home and interior pages it was time to build the first batch of pages following the agile methodology. The site was built in HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to accommodate the customizations needed. With the help of Bootstrap, the layout was built fairly easy and is able to be scaled in many different devices.

The site is still growing and will continue to its next phase in which more interactive elements will be added.


Through my many experiences in creating websites from scratch this was a great learning opportunity in which I was able to better understand web practices and UX.

Multiple screenshots of pages from the Stamford Data Science Initiative website
Screenshots from the Stamford Data Science Initiative website